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Dwarf Mondo Grass   trays of 72 "2nd Order.Excellent condition! Very well packed.!" Lon, Oklahoma City, OK

Waldsteinia ternata (Barren Strawberry) The plants arrived safe and sound. Thank you!, James  D., Concord, NH

Asiatic Jasmine,  rooted cutting, Everything was great with the shipment. We just got the plants in the ground. Thank you for the great service. Thanks,
Roddy, Dublin,GA 

Thanks - looking forward to yet another fine order from you, and appreciate the Small Business Saturday deal!. Alaric  . Lincoln, Massachusetts

Dwarf Mondo Grass (Ophiopogon japonicus Nana) trays, 72 each cell pots  "Another beautiful delivery! The mondo grasses are fabulous! Thanks,Bill.
While I was waiting for yours, for my curiosity, I ordered some from (4 letter word for an internet action site) I thought those were cute, but they can't compare with yours.
Regards, Qin" Woodbine, MD

Gaultheria procumbens , Wintergreen, teaberry ""Bill, We received the wintergreen plants you shipped to us. They are exceptional. Thanks...Ted"  Silver Lake, NH

Dwarf modo grass  "Yes, They arrived in a timely fashion and were just fine. All in and growing well!
Thanks for checking, Susan"   Charlottesville,VA

Vinca minor 'Ralph Shugert'Bill, Just wanted to let you know I received the vinca plants today - all in excellent condition - thanks so much.

Convallaria majalis, Lily of the Valley just a note to let you know the replacement plants arrived today at 1;30 my time and
 they are in great condition . thank you for all you did to fix the problem i really appreciate all your attention and thoughtfulness, jeanette , NV

Vinca minor  Bare root “All came in well…………"Danny, Middletown, DE

Vinca minor 'illumination' PP12132 My plants were delivered on March 16th. They were in wonderful condition. They are planted and receiving a nice soft rain today. Thanks for the great looking plants

Daffodils in Bulk  "Hi Bill......we need another thousand for the City of Heflin, Alabama"

Rubus calycinoides (Creeping Raspberry) Last week I ordered Creeping Rubus from you.  It only took four days for the plants to arrive and they were very healthy.  None of the nurseries around my home have plants this nice at an equal price.  Thank you! Nancy, Fuquay Varina, NC

VINCA minor Hi Bill, Received my Vinca Minor today.  Fine looking plants!
Your packing held up well....  Thanks - this is the first time I ordered live plants through
the mail.  I'm impressed! Deanna, Ferguson, MO

Dutch Master Daffodil "Going to your site; if there is a comments area I will leave glowing remarks...Thanks again."
Mike. Landscaper from PA, 12,000 delivered on pallets, the next day

Dutch Master Daffodil "It arrived yesterday in great shape and right on time.  I appreciate the good service." M. Lynn, Fl (planted in NC)

CRANE PAIR LARGE BRONZE  by the Brass Baron "....they are pretty"   Brenda, New Orleans, LA

Tricolor' Asiatic Jasmine "The plants were great, would like more." Steve, Cedar Park, TX... mid-July shipment

on reorder "They are doing great best ever, they all came back from our hard heavy snow winter we experienced this past winter. Bought these in past years from others places and they did not come back. I look forward to purchasing other plants from you." Jeanine D., Pierre, South Dakota
Liriope muscari 'Big Blue'

on reorder "Last shipment's plants were terrific--thanks."  Stephen H. Oakton, VA
 Euonymus fortunei 'Coloratus' Wintercreeper

"Nice Plants"Janice, Washington, DC PHLOX stolonifera 'Sherwood Purple'

"Hi Bill,
Just wanted to let you know that the lily of the valley pips arrived today. They look great. I opened to box to the air and placed them in the cellar until spring arrive. We still have 3-4 feet of snow on the ground. Thanks for all you help. I look forward to planting" .... Barb. C.  from Anchorage, AK

Bill,    We just received the bearberry plants and they look great !!! They were packaged very well.
 Again, thanks. Walter  Northeast Harbor, ME   
Arctostaphylos uva ursi,  Bearberry

Checking on a possible lost order Sally from Topsfield, MA replies
"Yes, they did! Right after I spoke with you yesterday. And they look great. Thanks!"
Ajuga reptans 'Mahogany'

"I will order from you again definitely because of your customer service, and also because the plants arrived today and they were EXTREMELY healthy and beautiful. I've never received plants in the mail that were so nice."
Susan, from Culpeper, VA  Phlox s. 'Blue Emerald'

"I just received my first four and was really impressed. Send me 4 more please! Thank you!" Robin,Decatur, GA Southern Shield Fern , Dryopteris ludovichiana

"Plants arrivered and are excellent."Louise, Buford, GA Yucca ‘Ivory Towers’, (Adam’s Needle)

Thank for checking this shipment for me.  The plants  I received today are fine.  They were all planted by late afternoon just in time for the rain. Jerry, Coca Fl, (Indian Hawthorne 'Alba'  Rhaphiolepis indica quart pots) Zones 8-11

"I just wanted to let you know that we received the plants in excellent condition, and to thank you for your help and patience!!
We appreciate your service..."
LeeAnn, Alexander, AR Hypericum calycinum 'St. Johnswort' (Aaron's Beard)

"Great, huge  plants at the price I paid expected bare root" Arthur J.,West Chester, PA Blue Pacific Juniper Quart pots

"They are beautiful" Karen, Yelm, WA Ophiopogon japonicus, Mondo Grass 

"Magnificent"  on reorder of 1008 pots, Seth, OYSTER BAY, NY   PACHYSANDRA

"Haven't lost one" on 3rd reorder, John, Lynchburg,VA dwarf mondo grass in tray of 72

Thank you for your sevice and product - the ground cover is doing very well." Nancy, South Haven, Michigan
Periwinkle,Myrtle  Vinca minor

The last batch was great. We severely underestimated how much we'd need"
  "The last box arrived last night, so we now have all of ther 9 trays.  The plants in the last box look fine.  Kudos to your excellent packing.  Regards, Jim, College Station, Texas dwarf mondo

"The 200 arrived in very good condition"  CL, Baltimore, MD PACHYSANDRA

Dana , St. Lois, MO, Ophiopogon planiscapus 'Arabicus', Black Mondo Grass

"Actually, they just arrived, and they look fabulous!  Thanks so much!  I may be ordering more when we get these installed!"
Best wishes, Melinda" Charlotte, NC , 10 trays of 72's plugs dwarf mondo

"Better quality than I seen at any other nursery" Betty, Master Gardener certified, Oxford, NC
Hypericum calycinum 'St. Johnswort'

All I have to say is WOW! I have been in the "Green" industry for 14 years and have ran my own landscape business for the
 last 5 years and I am impressed. Not only was your shipping time exceptional the packaging was WAY beyond anything I have seen. Also the quality of these plants are as if I hand picked them myself from the nursery! The price is truly unbelievable, even with shipping the cost,  slightly lower than what I pay local with my usual 25 to 30 percent discount. Thanks
Mike" , Joplin, MISSOURI

"We recieved the whispering angel yesterday . . .It is gorgeous! 
Just wanted you to know that doing business with you was wonderful and I truely appreciate the personal contact you offered. 
Thank You,"  Julie , Chippewa Falls, WI

"...Its Charlie from NJ.  The plants were received in great shape and are  
already in the ground.  Thank you so much."  Charlie... Manalapan, NJ  (planted in  Holmdel, NJ
96 trays 72 per tray dwarf mondo)

received the shipment of the "candy Stripe" phlox Absolutely Excellent Thanks"  Steve...Galesburg,IL (shipment temp. low 90's - high 80's)
"Hi Bill !!!
I'm so sorry....I SHOULD have written to you but I was soooo excited when I got the Mondo (on Monday !!) and the fact that they were in such BEAUTIFUL condition.....even the UPS guy commented on how well they looked (you could peek thru the 'handle holes' in the sides of the boxes).  I was VERY impressed and they looked so healthy w/ TONS of new 'shoots' coming up.  I unpacked 3 of the 6 boxes that day (all I had time for) and placed them on the pavers by our pool.  The next morning I unpacked the other 3 boxes.  I've been watering them at leastt 2x a day, sometimes 3.  I expect to start planting them tomorrow (Sat., 5/12) since I have the tree lawn prepared already, just to 'till' it a little.  I took some 'before' pics and plan on taking some as progress is being made getting them in.  I will most definitely download them from my digital and forward them to you! 
Thanks again for your great integrity as a company!  I've been showing the plants to all my neighbors and pics of them to friends at the baseball stadium.  If they (the plants) turn out as well as I THINK and HOPE they might have a ton of orders! 
Getting late, got to get some good rest to start my busy week tomorrow! 
Again, I'm sorry for not telling you I got the plants.  I PLANNED on it, then got waylaid.
Chat w/ you soon, Bill.
As Ever,
Fran ".....Parsons, PA

"Their great", Ester from Newport News, VA TRACHELOSPERMUM asiaticum (Asiatic Jasmine) Zones 7-9

Thank you so much...the 4 boxes of Vinca 'Illumination' (8 flats) arrived, all are in great condition ....and exactly what I had hoped to receive. I really appreciate your help and perseverance in locating what I needed."  Joan,  Lake Forest, IL 60045   

Got the shipment of the Dwarf Mondo and Epimedium last week. They were
well packed and arrived looking pretty good.  Ann, Philadelphia, PA

we just received our order of gaultheria procumbens and they are in fine condition"  Fred, Falmouth, MA
Gaultheria procumbens Common Wintergreen

beautiful, growing like gang busters" Richard M., Conway, SC    Pachysandra

I received the rubus calcynoides I ordered and they were in great shape.  They were very well packed and were damp. Kelli , McKinney, TX
Rubus calcynoides (Creeping Raspberry)
"Just a short note to thank you for your kindness and caring sentiments expressed in your voicemail.

I ordered the two statues of children laying down and reading for a dear friend and colleague who is retiring at the end of this school year.  I emailed you with several questions, and you were most kind to call my house with answers.  More importantly, however, was that you shared in this celebration of my friend with your kind words about educators.  I shared those with her.

The statues were delivered to her home in time for the retirement party!!!  We were so excited to be able to show them off to all the attendees.  Needless to say, the statues were embraced with wonderful accolades from all.  And, most importantly, JoNancy (the retiree) was speechless with gratitude and emotion.  The statues touched her heart.

Again, thank you.  You kindly and with consideration responded to a stranger who now smiles when she thinks of her interactions with you and your company.

Take care and be happy. "   Palatine, IL

"The previous 2 trays we ordered last week were wonderful but we need more". .(72 cell dwarf mondo)
Darlene , Wilmington, NC

"Gaultheria looks great!..."  Saul, Short Hills , NJ

"awesome!  Thanks :) Laurel "....,Maynard,MA

"Yes. Everything was well packed and survived the trip. All plants are in the ground and watered.Thank you.
  Westbrook, CT Phlox subulata & Phlox nivalis 'Eco Flirtie Eyes'

It came today. Looks great."  Jennifer  (pachysandra) Randolph, NJ...shipped in Aug.

"Bill   Received the cuttings yesterday and they look beautiful!  Thank you so much.  Guess what I'm going
to be doing this weekend?      Doug"

The batch you just sent to us was so beautiful, happy & healthy, we decided to plant more by another walkway! Thank You!

CD, Kenmore, Washington (GrowNur Dwarf Mondo)

BIll, Received the fountain today and it looks fantastic.....O'Fallon .IL  

Tex from the buckeye state says "The strawberries look good" Fairfield, OH  (Fragaria Lipstick)

"Beautiful..." (4" Mondo") Barbara, Atlanta, GA

I got the plants, they look great and they're in the ground. thanks, Mary, Washington D.C.

Thanks for all the Mondo Grass. Arrived in excellent condition!, Kirstin, Dunwoody, GA

You were right, the minute you start worrying the plants show up, and they did just a few moments ago.  Thanks so much for your help. Pat

The shipment was fine -- no problems. Thanks!   Joanna,    Ashville, NC

The order for 1000 pachysandra you sent me earlier this year was perfect. I was so pleased and wish I'd ordered more at that time but you cautioned against it and said to reorder when ready. I'm ready now and am looking forward to receiving another great batch of your wonderful product. Many thanks. Sylvia

Landenberg , Pennsylvania

Just wanted to let you know that my plants arrived safely and in great condition.  I'm very impressed, and will definitely order again.
Thank you. M. Alexandra
, Longwood, FL 32779

Thank you!  I received these in great condition.  I look forward to
planting them in the "perfect spot".  Thank you also for the "early discount".
Have a wonderful day! Julie,  Lincoln, NE 68510

"Great, another 200...", Kevin,  Plain City,   OH 43064

"received plants last week,all in great shape. thanks, Tim."  Simsbury,Ct 06070

"Gorgeous" Eileen H.,Hinsdale, IL 60521

"after planting in a mix of soil & compost they were standing up dancing" Vivian H., Denver,CO 80209

"Happy as clams " (Pacht green sheen 2 1/4" pots), Wilson D.S. , Plano, TX 75205

Hello William.
received the shipment in good shape.  The cranes look great!  I am sure my wife will love them.  She doesn't have a clue that she's getting .... Thanks for your great service.  I hope you have a happy holiday season.     S. K.
Lincoln, NE 68588

Thanks for following up.  The cranes were on the back porch when we got home.  Needless to say, they look great.  Can't wait to get them hooked up..., Thanks again for the help. Mark C.Jackson, Tx  77566

My order arrived yesterday and I was impressed.  I have ordered from other plant ... over many years and by far your delivery was fresher and healthier than any other.  Thank you so much for improving my new home's landscape. Sincerely -  Kathy N.,Purlear, NC  28665

Just to let you know I received my statuary. I love it!!! Thanks! Barbara S.Harwinton, CT 06791

I received the order today, they arrived in great
shape. As I write they are soaking in a solution of
water with soluble fertilizer, and I will be planting
them in a little while. Again thank you for the great

Ed M., Zapata, TX 78076

Plants arrived via FedEx on Fri. and were in very good shape. Thanks.

Guy D., Ithaca., NY 14850

Received daylilies in good condition, got them planted next day, they
are looking good as we've had rain. Will be looking forward to seeing
them bloom next Spring.
Frances S., Pinehurst, NC

Plants arrived today. Thanks so much.

Marilyn S., Arlington, TX 76014-2127

Again, it was a pleasure working with you. Dottie L, Pittsboro, NC 27312

Thank you so much for the potted Boston Ivy info.. It was exactly what I was thinking about. I will place my order with your company as soon as this extreme heat hear in Chicago tapers back a bit. It was kind of you to give the Ivy updates, I really appreciate it…

Debi. G.,

Forest Park, Il 60035

Great Service, Mr.John P., Camarillo, CA 93010

Nice Plants, Leslie J., Pine Bush, NY 12566


Many others have nothings to say, but their reorders in increased amounts make us smile.

Purchases from contractors , landscapers and nurseries is proof of our fair pricing and quality of both our products and services.

From all of us to all of you…Thank You, Thank You, Thank you