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 About Trees

Pre-conference 2nd? Annual Meeting American Conifer Society Stroll / Exploration
at timberline, Mt. Hood, Oregon, mid-morning August early-mid 80's

Useful  links about trees: ,

Wm.G.Tormey, is a certified MA Commercial Pesticide Applicator,  & Mauget Certified Applicator
 (tree infusion /micro injection)

Massachusetts Law About ...Trees "Whoever willfully, maliciously or wantonly cuts, destroys or injures a tree, shrub or growth which is not his own, ..., shall be punished by imprisonment for not more than six months or by a fine of not more than five hundred dollars....shall be liable....for three times the amount of the damages assessed "

ALB regulated materials include: live beetles, their eggs and larva, firewood (all hardwood
species), green lumber, plant material living, dead, cut, or fallen (inclusive of nursery stock),
logs, stumps, roots, branches, twigs or other woody material, and debris of one-half inch or
more in diameter from any of the following genera: Acer (maple), Aesculus (horse chestnut),
Albizia (mimosa), Betula (birch), Celtis (hackberry), Fraxinus (ash), Platanus (sycamore),
Populus (poplar), Salix (willow), Sorbus (mountain ash), and Ulmus (elm)."

The USDA, Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service. Plant Protection and Quarantine
New Pest Response Guidelines.ASIAN LONGHORNED BEETLE, Revised January 2007

"1. Soil or trunk injection of insecticides:
Imidacloprid, a chemical with systemic properties and low mammalian toxicity, has been
found to be effective against adult ALB as it feeds on small twigs, the female when
depositing eggs, and young larvae"

Why trunk injection should  used, 1) control of  the insect before they fly outside the Quarantine area
2) safer than spraying,  non target species such as birds,  ...people are not harmed.

Hemlock Woolly Adelgid

Can be effectively treated with tree injection